Build a world-class team

ISACA certifications instantly declare your team’s expertise in building and implementing and managing solutions aligned with organizational needs and goals. 


Getting ready for the exam

SACA offers a variety of CISA exam preparation resources including group training, self-paced training and study resources in various languages to help you prepare for your CISA certification exam. We also have our online Engage community where you can reach out to peers for CISA exam guidance. 选择适合你的时间表和学习需要的方法.

Updated exam prep materials

Whether you prefer to prep on your own time or with the additional guidance and interaction that comes with live, expert instruction, ISACA为每位专业人士提供合适的备考解决方案. 选择适合你的时间表和学习需要的方法.

The CISA Exam Content Outline will be updated effective 1 August 2024. Starting on that date, the CISA Exam will reflect the new Exam Content Outline. Updated preparation materials for the new Exam Content Outline are available now for purchase:

Register for the exam

Upon registration, CISA exam candidates have a twelve-month eligibility period to take their exam. This means that from the date you register, you have 12 months to take your CISA exam. It is important to note that the exam registration fee must be paid in full before an exam candidate can schedule and take an exam.


Member exam cost


Non-Member exam cost


ISACA’S CISA certification exams are computer-based and administered at authorized PSI testing centers globally or as remotely proctored exams. CISA exam registration is continuous, meaning candidates can register any time, no restrictions. Candidates can schedule a testing appointment as early as 48 hours after payment of exam registration fees.


如果您正在创建一个帐户, please ensure your name matches what appears on your government-issued identification that you will present on the day of your CISA exam.

Please note, CISA exam appointments are only available 90 days in advance.  If you do not see your exam site or date available more than 90 days in advance, 请在临近考试日期时再来检查.  如果你仍然没有看到你想要的考试地点或日期, please verify that your CISA exam eligibility has not expired by logging into your ISACA Account, 然后点击认证 & CPE Management tab. 

Rescheduling an exam 

您可以随时重新安排您的CISA考试, without penalty, during your eligibility period if done a minimum of 48 hours prior to your scheduled testing appointment. 重新安排预约:登录您的 ISACA Account 按照重新安排时间的步骤 Scheduling Guide. 

How to become certified

Taking and passing the CISA certification exam is just the first step in becoming certified. To become CISA certified, an individual must first meet the following requirements:

Candidates have five years from passing the exam to apply for CISA certification.